En Prayaga, we know the importance of having real-time data in a practical, fast, and secure way.


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Information is continually created and comes from different sources. In the information of a country, there are different institutions focused on each industry such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, among others. This causes people or companies to have to resort to multiple platforms to obtain the information they need, which is impractical and thus increases the margin of error.

We know it is necessary to attach value to this data so that it is beneficial when making decisions.  . At Prayaga, we have developed a dashboard of Peru’s economic indicators based on public information such as Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) and the National Institute of Statistics and Data Processing (INEI) of the same country.

In this dashboard you will not only be able to access the relevant information of the country such as the GDP and the number of exports and imports, but you will also have access to information segmented by each industry and at a historical level.