Libro de reclamaciones

Conforme a lo establecido en el Código de Protección y Defensa del Consumidor esta empresa cuenta con un Libro de Reclamaciones a tu disposición.

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(1) Claim: Disagreement related to products and / or services.
(2) Complain:Disagreement not related to products and / or services; or, discomfort or dissatisfaction with the attention to the public.
I declare that I am the owner of the service and I accept the content of this form by stating under an Affidavit the veracity of the facts described.
* The formulation of the claim does not preclude resorting to other means of dispute resolution nor is it a prerequisite for filing a complaint with Indecopi.
* The provider must respond to the claim within a period of no more than fifteen (15) calendar days, being able to extend the period up to fifteen days.
* By signing this document, the client authorizes to be contacted after the claim has been dealt with in order to evaluate the quality and satisfaction with the claims service process.